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BY HIGH LIFE NORTH So, we already know how incredible Fire & Co.’s South Shields showroom is; having been regular visitors for a while now, we were among the first to visit as soon as they reopened their doors back in April. With 7,000 square feet of interiors concepts, furnishings, ornaments, and designs, all having been brought together under the trained eyes of experts and supplied by manufacturers who are rarely seen anywhere else in the UK, every visit here uncovers yet another completely unique item we soon find ourselves... Read More


Pillow Talk

SPOTLIGHT ON BEDROOM The quality of our sleep has a massive impact on our daily life. Setting the scene with the right environment is key for that perfect night’s sleep. We’ve a fantastic range of beds and bedroom furniture to help you create a restful, soothing space where you can retreat to after a hard day’s work. If you’re looking to refresh the whole decor focus on comfort and calming interiors; aim for the look of your favourite hotel suite, but add in picture frames, candles, and a book! Remember... Read More


Spotlight on Sofas

SHAPE AND SIZE Large, sprawling sofas are all well and good in theory, but do you actually have space for one to fit? A sofa that’s too big for the room will look cramped and make the actual room look smaller. For generous rooms or open-plan spaces, a corner or chaise is a great choice. Perfect for largefamilies that want space to spread out and can be tucked into corners and rearranged to suit your lounge. Most of our corner sofas are available as left or right hand facing for... Read More


Lockdown 2.0 – Here we go again!

As the year draws to a close, we are faced with yet another lockdown and more uncertainty. This year has been tough and we have spent more time than we expected in our homes. Therefore, it is really important that we take the time to look after ourselves and our homes over the next few weeks or months.  Here at Fire & Co we remain open in order to serve you as best as we can with everything from Interactive Design Appointments to DIY essentials to heating and plumbing spare... Read More


Winter Nights

With the cold snap getting ready to bite, ensuring your home is cosy, warm and comfortable is a must to help get us through those dark nights and grey clouds.  An easy way to update any room in your house without changing or spending too much of your hard earned cash is through soft furnishings and accessories. Work with what you already have and add little extras that you can bring out year after year, or alternate throughout the rooms in your home.  Rugs, throws, cushions, baskets, and lighting are... Read More


The Outside In

2020 has been the year that we won’t forget.  We’ve seen the inside of our homes in more detail than we ever thought possible; we have created numerous baked goods that could put us on par with Bake Off (no matter what our size of kitchen!), we’ve tried our hand at all things craft (who knew that jigsaws would be the cool new activity to do?!), and have attempted to keep hold of our motivation and for many, find a new way of working from home. Being kept inside for... Read More


Living in lockdown

How did it take us a global pandemic to realise what means the most? People seem to be conscious of their surroundings and even just to know what they have now has become endearing, I for one can hold my hands up for taking certain things for granted before. For the months through pandemic I had a real sense of freedom, and a great allowance if it were to organise a day-to-day self care routine to suit me. I was getting used to a new routine in my life anyway, so the time of... Read More


Quarantine Living

Being summoned to the four walls of our homes in times of quarantine, has made many of us realise there are things we’d like to change in our living spaces. Areas in which haven’t had much attention, have now become crucial places we reside. Key areas were being used, that before felt lacklustre in character or style; places in which weren’t given much thought before times of such confinement.  Has having all of our time in such limited space with others, opened our eyes to how we can use space... Read More


Style Stories

INDUSTRIAL WILDERNESS A collaboration of raw and natural beauty. Think the ingredients from a dilapidated city block, segments of wood. Showings of the most unexpected colour through ripped walls, dress the distressed. Finding continuous patterns in the debris of the most wonderful mid century ebony woods, being exposed to new life. Tidying it up and filing down every rough edge, not wasting any precious detail in that usual undesired beauty. Such rarity, through the art craft can produce. Suddenly desirable but limited, like an endangered species through interior design. CHIC MOTHER... Read More