Kerra side table ceramic

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This striking side table brings plenty of character and atmosphere, Kerra is made of ceramic, shaped by a handmade mould and finished glossy, the plain surface creates a luxurious look, giving the table a very interesting appearance.

Ceramics are formed from moulded, fired clay. The ceramic items in our collections are glazed with a matt or glossy layer, which provides a striking appearance and additional protection of the material. Our ceramic items are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but cannot withstand hard rain and frost. Ceramic is extremely heat-resistant but can be fairly porous when handled roughly, careful maintenance is therefore recommended.

- Height: 45 cm
- Width: 33 cm
- Depth: 33 cm
- Carrying capacity: 15 kg
- Weight: 12 kg

Caution! A narrow pressure point may cause the ceramic to crack or break, an even distribution of weight is required for this reason. You cannot stand on this item.

Ceramic items are easy to clean using lukewarm soapy water and a soft cloth. Drying the surface afterwards ensures a streak-free result. Is the ceramic damaged? Scratches can be filled with a ceramic repair fluid, but this does not give an invisible result.

Estimate Delivery time 4-12 Weeks

Colour: Mountain