Vadim Wine Rack

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Vadim is an elegant wine cabinet and is made of steel with a dark antique brass finish. For the real wine lover, this cabinet is certainly not missing! Vadim offers space for wine bottles as well as wine glasses and also has two storage shelves. This makes him a real all-rounder. Vadim can accommodate 16 wine bottles (9x9.5 cm), but your wine glasses also have a nice place at the top of the storage rack. These 3 storage racks have a depth of 27 cm and a width of 9 cm. It depends on the size of the wine glass how many glasses you can store in it. Please note that the width of the base of the wine glass cannot exceed 9 cm. The storage shelves have a thickness of 1 cm and a maximum carrier weight of 5 kilos. The space between the storage racks and the top shelf is 26 cm. The space between the two shelves is 29 cm. Assembly required


Width:460,Height:1180,Depth:310 mm

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