Trade Accounts at Co.

Are you a seasoned designer, a property developer with grand plans, or overseeing a large-scale project? Co. Interiors welcomes you to a world of exclusive advantages with our Trade Accounts:

  1. Unlock Exclusive Trade Discounts: As a trade account holder, you gain access to special pricing that reflects your dedication to exceptional design. Enjoy cost savings that empower your vision.
  2. Access to a Diverse Designer Universe: Co. Interiors boasts connections with hundreds of renowned designer brands. From classic elegance to contemporary flair, our extensive network ensures you have limitless options to curate spaces that resonate with your clients.
  3. Dedicated Project Support: Your projects are our priority. With a Co. Interiors Trade Account, you'll have a dedicated support team at your disposal. We understand the intricate details of design projects and are here to provide tailored assistance.

Elevate Your Design with Co. Interiors. Our Trade Accounts are designed to help you achieve your creative aspirations efficiently and cost-effectively. Apply for a Trade Account today, and let us empower your design journey."

How It Works?

Join Co. Interiors' Trade Accounts today and experience a seamless and rewarding way to access the world of luxury interiors. Your vision, our expertise, and unbeatable discounts - it's a partnership designed for success.

Step One

Sign Up: Simply fill out the form below to initiate the process. Tell us about your business or project, giving us insights into your unique requirements.

Step two

Specify Your Needs: Let us know what you're searching for within our extensive range of designer brands and products. Whether it's luxury furniture, exquisite décor, or any other interior elements, we've got you covered.

Step Three

Unlock Discounts: At Co. Interiors, we believe in rewarding your dedication. The more you order, the better your discounts become. As your order volume increases, your potential savings escalate, with discounts going up to an impressive 35%.

Step Four

Personalized Assistance: Once you've signed up and specified your needs, our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure you find the perfect pieces to meet your project's requirements. We're committed to making your design journey effortless and successful.

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