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The art of interiors transforms spaces into masterpieces, where every element tells a story of style and sophistication.

Natural tones creating Luxury

Grand radiates an inviting aura of spacious comfort. At the same time, the soft, thick seat cushion and upright higher back ensure that you will get all the support you require of a Co sofa.

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This natural look creates a warm and inviting ambiance, turning any room into a cozy retreat. Our sofas embody the perfect blend of style and comfort.

The Grand

This natural look creates a warm and inviting ambiance, turning any room into a cozy retreat. Our sofas embody the perfect blend of style and comfort.

Colour Trends 2024

Step into the future of design with our carefully curated range of products featuring the hottest color trends for 2024. From soothing neutrals to bold and vibrant shades, discover the perfect pieces to elevate your space with the latest in color and style.

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Style room setting with orange and brown sofa

We are inspired by the realities of life today

The New Trend in Elegance!

it's definitely the trend to watch! The reflective factor in these stunning touches effortlessly draws light, creating a radiant and luxurious ambiance in any space.

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Hk Living Crisp Packet


This vase not only reflects light beautifully but is also the only bag of crisps that actually lasts - need we say more?

Our Flagship Store: A Vision Come to Life

We're thrilled to announce our arrival at Harbour House, North Shields, for our new flagship store. Here, it's all about the experience. Join us amidst the vibrant atmosphere, where you'll find more than just furniture. Alongside our luxurious showroom, discover exceptional eateries, a stylish cocktail bar, tranquil wellness spaces, and creative hubs. Plus, don't miss our versatile event space. It's not just shopping; it's a journey at Co. Interiors, Harbour House. More info at

Amazing Customer Service!

Amazing customer service! Not only do they help with the products they sell, but they suggest colour schemes and items that go together! 10/10 customer service

Amazing Service By The Fire & Co Team

Amazing service by the Fire & Co team when ordering my sofa. Great communication throughout.

Great Team Seems Nothing Too Much For Them.

Great team seems nothing too much for them. Lovely optimist fireplace and about 500 cheaper than anywhere else for same suite. Looked at a few fireplace shops before buying but the other shops were a lot more expensive . Even if they don't have exactly what you want they will source it as I wanted a dining table so Amy is sourcing I would certainly buy from them again Both Amy and Nathan are lovely and it's clear that their priority is a happy customer over profit

Great Customer Service As Soon As You Walk In The Door.

Great customer service as soon as you walk in the door. There is a warm welcome and explanation of what they offer then you are left to browse at your own pace. Today i was struggling with design inspiration and Hannah was amazing and did not tire of me changing my mind time and time again. walked away with exactly the idea i had walking in and would not hesitate to return

Good Selection Of Everything You Could Possibly Need To Furnish Your Home,

Good selection of everything you could possibly need to furnish your home, every time you turn around there is something that will catch your eye, every corner has a new area of gorgeous pieces to look at. Well worth a look to find something different than what's on offer elsewhere.

Can’t Believe That I’ve Only Just Found This Place.

Can’t believe that I’ve only just found this place. Great pieces and very helpful staff. Totally love my new garden furniture! Thank you.

Designer room seater Conform Designer, seats


The best solution

At Co. form will always follow function. Our products are beautiful, sleek, fresh, and stylish - but we believe that use and comfort should come first. Our designs always prioritize what is essential: we believe the simplest solution is usually the best solution.


Love of design

At Co. we are motivated by a love of design and a commitment to constant innovation. We are always challenging ourselves to create products that elevate the modest moments in peoples' lives. This means thinking about everyday items in new, original ways, using the most cutting-edge materials, methods, tools, and technologies available.


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Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 8am-8:30pm.Average answer time: 24h

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