Co. Dining Table- Pebs - stone effect black

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This robust Pebs dining Tables is made of concrete-look fiber clay with a fresh, white finish. Convenient; The top has a weight of 25 kg and the leg has a weight of 15 kg. This article comes as a kit with clear assembly instructions. Please be aware of the natural marking variations. Made to order.  This item is pallet delivery only. 

Fibreclay is a dyed material with an open structure. The material is a composition of fibreglass and clay which makes the item very strong. Fiberclay has a concrete look but is remarkably lightweight. Fiberclay is somewhat sensitive to direct sunlight and moisture; if no maintenance is done, the top layer can be damaged. Think of fading or stains.



Width:1000,Height:760,Depth:1000 mm

Estimate Delivery time 4-12 Weeks

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