Granby 3 Seater Sofa Moreland

Sale price£2,495.00

The Granby 3 Seater Sofa in 'Moreland' Harris Tweed is a fastrack model meaning that it is available and ready to go right now, although this means losing the element of personalisation you will still get a piece of furniture that will stand out and shine in any room with the amazing design and quality finish you'd expect from Vintage Sofa Company. This unit is made from Leather, mixed wool & harris tweed and the specifcations are as follows: Buttons - Leather, Castor - Gold, Cushion - Leather, Front panel - Moreland Harris Tweed, Hockey stick - Leather, Inside back - Moreland Harris Tweed, Outside - Moreland Harris Tweed, Piping - Moreland Harris Tweed, Wood - 06 Dark


Width:2130,Height:770,Depth:870 mm

Estimate Delivery time 4-12 Weeks

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