Loan side table antique beige

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The Loan side table is a striking piece with its various levels. The different heights of the table tops gives the side table a playful effect and immediately offers a sea of decoration space!

The MDF board material in our collections is formed from pressed wood fibres which are bonded under pressure using resin. As a result, this material has a very smooth surface.

- Height: 80 cm
- Width: 90 cm
- Depth: 28 cm
- Frame thickness: ø 1.5 cm
- Upper top dimensions: H 3 cm x W 90 cm x D 24.5 cm
- Middle top dimensions: H 3 cm x W 44.5 cm x D 24.5 cm
- Bottom tray dimensions: H 3 cm x W 63.5 cm x D 24.5 cm
- Distance between leaves: 27 cm
- Foot height: 15 cm
- Weight capacity: 5 kg per table top

The advantage of pressed sheet material is that it will not splinter or warp. However, the untreated material is very sensitive to moisture and heat due to its highly absorbent effect. As a result, the MDF will expand and cannot return to its original state. Treated MDF is protected against this natural reaction.