Plims sidetable Set of 3

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Multifunctional and flexible, these are the characteristic words of this generous side table set of three. Place them as a playful whole in the center of the seating area or take them apart to use as a plant table or stage for your most beautiful decorations.The Pim side tables are made of a combination of ash wood and MDF. The tables are finished in a matte black shade with a strong coating. This makes the color very durable and the tables can take a beating. Ideal for a household with children or pets.The largest side table is also the lowest variant, it has dimensions 30x70x70 cm, height x width x depth. The middle size is 35 cm high and 55 cm square. The smallest and also highest variant is a cube of 40 cm each side. The three tables are each hollow inside and can be stacked like matryoshkas, saving space!You can keep the Pim side tables dust-free with a clean, dry cloth. Stains from, for example, a damp glass are easy to remove with a slightly damp, clean cloth. Drying the tables afterwards ensures a streak-free result.


Assembly required


Width:700,Height:300,Depth:700 / Width:550,Height:350,Depth:550 / Width:400,Height:400,Depth:400 mm

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